WKC S1 Math

Thursday, October 05, 2006

miss. nicholsons s1 math class

Hi, today in class we worked on the bmx graph and worked on our 3 point approaches. Shorty after we got called down to the MPR for our school pictures. After that we came back to class and recieved our texts books and then started to work on a new assignment. Thats all we did in class today!
October 5th,2006

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello everyone in my math class! ^^ I, Nicole, and the scribe today. Now, we did not have metal math today. The first thing we did was work on graphs, we had to place a few examples of graphs in 3 diffrent catagories. Then we corrected the sheet, booyeah! I got a good mark! XD

Next, we got a new 3 Point Approch, we filled in 3: Postive Correlation, Negative Correlation and last Zero Correlation.

We made some notes on the back of the purple sheet.

For homework: We have to finish our graphs that were ment to be done for today, I know some kids in this class didn't do 'em! Tisk tisk, *Shakes head* Also, I think we have to re-do our intager sheets, not sure. But I would get them done just in case! ^^

Me go now *Sigh* >.> Okay bye bye!~

-Nicole! :3

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Statistics Vocabulary Math Games

Hello all!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend! :)

Here is a game to help you review the first set of vocabulary for this unit:
If you're really keen, here are two more games that you could use to teach yourself the rest of the vocabulary for this unit (we've learned some of the words already!):
Have fun and remember the curve of forgetting (the more you review now, the less you'll have to review later!)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday, September 28

Today in class we had no mental math so instead we did a dividing integers sheet. Later we corrected both the binging article and the sheet about the basketball scenario we did on Wednesday. Once we finished correcting the assignments Miss Nicholson gave us three new words: scatterplot, independent variable, and dependent variable. With these words she taught us the first three instructions on how to make a scatterplot, which are pretty easy to remember. Miss Nicholson then gave us the shooting scores from yesterday which led us into doing the starting of the scatterplot for the basketball scenario. It doesn't seem as much but if you weren't in class today you have a lot of notes to catch up on. Oh, and you also missed a story of how the coordinate was made.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday Sept. 27

Today in math the class managed to get $10 to donate for Terry Fox walk. Also we got to watch a movie about Terry Fox because of it. Then we went over our quiz on different ways of sampling. After we worked on a sheet about the basketball shooting thing we did yesterday.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Sept.25

Today, we started doing mental math. Good thing about it is that its easy and it usually take up ten minutes of the class. After, We had to read an article about ex-squeegee kids and how the have gotten along after. Next, we each got a paper with different question on it. We had to go to the group our question fit in best. The groups were positive, negative, and no bias. Our homework was to think up two questions, one that is no bias and another negative or positive bias. We also have a quiz on Tuesday, Sept 26 on the sampling methods. Thats it for my post

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Armando's Scribe Post (Jelly Blubbers)

O.K., I've looked everywhere on this site and I can't figure out how to make a new post so I'm going to write it here and hope that Miss Nicholson sees it.

Thursday's Scribe

We didn't start off our class with Mental Math because of time retraints ( If I rememeber correctly). This is O.K. with me because im not a big fan of it. But we did get some more work to do. First we had to finish our two sheets on multiplying and adding integers. After we had finished those we were assigned another sheet on dividing integers. Later on in the class we got a blank, green piece of paper and were told to write ten random numbers between 1-100. We had no clue what it was for, but we would later find out. Then we got another sheet which Miss. Nicholson told us NOT to flip over until she said go. When Miss Nicholson said go, we flipped the page over and pictures of "Jelly Blubbers" were scattered all over the paper. We were given five seconds to study the pictures and guess what the average length, ( or width, which was debated in class) of the Jelly Blubbers was. We each then told Miss. N. what we had guessed and she tallied then on a line on the overhead. Next, we were told to measure ten random Jelly Blubbers with a ruler, and find the average of all the numbers. We each then told Miss N. what our numbers were and like before, she tallied then on a line on the overhead. Finally, we were told to find the measurements of the Jelly Blubbers which corresponded to the ten numbers we had written down at the beginning of this activity. We then found the average of those meaurements and we each told Miss. N., for a third time, what our averages were. It turned out that the best sampling method was the third one, which was completely random. After we had completed the activity, we were told to take our 3 Point Approach sheet and the other White Sheet that accompanied it. Miss. N. then had us add two more definitions. If i explain those definitions, I will end up writing double the amount of what I have already written, and I think that I have written enough.


P.S. Even though Math is my least favourite subject, you make it very enjoyable!

P.S P.S. I am going to need another invitation to this Blog because I forgot my Username.